The new generation demands more fascinating innovations to advance and improve the level of music. And What if you get a superb upgrade on your previously subscribed audio software for free? It Sounds critical, right. But trust me, now you can generate more amazing soundtracks with Logic Pro X, which is Apple’s latest upgrade to Logic, which is an impressive user-friendly audio producing and editing software. Already Logic’s previous versions have great beginning features, but this X version brakes all the existing music software records.

Logic pro x comes to the market after a long time from the release of Pro 9. The most astonishing thing is its price, which is not upgraded with features, which means existing users will get a huge advantage of producing mind-blowing music with no extra cost. Logic pro x gives a tight competition to Garageband which is a more simpler version. Although if you are looking for something which is more advanced then Logic pro x is best bet to go for.

It has lots of new features that we will discuss one by one, and here you will know the complete review of All-New Apple’s Logic Pro X. So, let’s dive right in.


Before going into the comprehensive review of upgraded specs of Logic Pro X, let’s know some stunning features of it;

  • Free version available with no subscription plan.
  • Relocalization of the sound library to external storage available.
  • For defining project tempo, it imported multitrack stems.
  • Mixer enhancement for headphones mixes configuration.
  • Comes with a colorful, eye-catching all-new interface
  • Without a metronome, the tempo of MIDI performances can be analyzed by a smart tempo.
  • With three powerful step sequencers and an X/Y pad, rhythmic multi-effect processing can be added.

The minimum system requirement is macOS 10.14.6 or later; For minimum installation, 6GB of storage space or storage space of 72GB for full Sound Library installation.

Complete Review on Logic Pro X

Here is the elaborate review of the new features of Logic Pro X 10.4. Besides the following specs, there are lots more, and everything is not possible to describe in a single article. Let’s begin with the review of live loops, sampling, Remix FX, step sequencer, effects and mixing, and drums and controls.

Live Loops

The live loop is the plus point in the logic studio. A small nine-dot grid icon shows the way towards live loops in its main interface. Garageband’s ios version also contains the live loop option, so who used this before can better understand what a live loop is. And this is called live as you can listen to real-time tracks in the form of short beats or melodic vignettes and easily customize them to produce your best record.

You can create tracks by merely dragging and dropping into the right side workspace. Furthermore, there are several numbers of columns present at the bottom line called scenes where you can listen to all the tracks at the same time in that column.

You can adjust loops easily by adding or removing whenever you want with the tempo syncing feature. That means whatever tracks you add; they will be synced automatically.

Besides, these Loops provide another feature of combining tracks with instruments, and you can easily convert an acoustic form of device to distorted form.


The logic studio’s sampler plug-in is another jaw-dropping feature that allows you to customize your tracks with a large number of core workstation-style sample sets, including pianos and guitars and other instruments.

You can edit and innovate sampler instruments with the zone waveform window. Its ease of use improves with the drag, and drop fashion where you can map samples, select with filter sections, preserving samples with flex time support.

Remix Fx and Step Sequencer

The remix effects plug-in allows you to perform transitions, stutter edits, gates, virtual record scratching, and much more. Remix FX comes with beautiful colors and designs and lacks the lagging issues.

The Step Sequencer is another astonishing feature here, which delivers the previous, mediocre Step Editor. With various melodies and 150 built-in rhythms, Step sequencer attracts drum machines and synths.

Effects and Mixing

From the beginning, the logic studio remained constant with its on-screen faders and metering option. It has lots of amazing effects and mixings, which serve as the taste in food and decorate your track surprisingly.

You can switch between toggle, pre or post-fader modes, smoothly. Except for the visual level, the meters and channel strips remain smaller as compared to other DAWs, the effects and mixing option makes the logic pro x unbelievable.

Drums and controls

Four modes of sounds such as Kicks, Snares and Claps, Percussion, and Hats and Cymbals can be generated using a simple add-on that is drum synth, which is further classified as other synthesized sounds.

The drum machine designer is improved from the older version of Logic and assists you in making sophisticated soundtracks as a music producer, which again comes with lots of control options.

Pros and cons

Before investing money in any software or products, you should know the Pros and cons of it for better consideration.


  • Sampler plug-in and Live loops are plus in this helpful for Ableton Live and Kontakt.
  • Having 19 instruments and 57 types of effects.
  • Eye-catching design.
  • Mixing, automation, and effects are simple to apply.


  • Only for mac users.
  • Effect configuration is sometimes complicated.
  • If you are new to Logic, it may seem costly for you.


In the digital audio workstation (DAW) market, Logic Pro X wins the heart of lots of music producers and beats all other competitors due to its all-new Jaw-dropping specializations. All those incredible features like regular Tracks View, hosting multiple tempo-synced audios (also from different sources), or MIDI loops on each track and lots more make it just perfect for all the beginners or professional music developers.


5 Top Rated Android Games to Play in 2020

There is a wide array of Android games available out there in the Google Play Store. But it gets quite confusing when you sit down to choose a really good game. There are several games, and each one claims to be the best. But once you download them, you feel disappointed to waste so much time and the internet. The video clips and screenshots look so appealing. But these do not guarantee that the game will actually be up to the mark. So we have done extensive research and come up with some of the trendiest Android games. These are hell-bent interesting and high on entertainment and thrill. You will never regret downloading and playing these games. These games will definitely offer a joyride of suspense, thrill, excitement, and fun to the gamers. Here we go!

Clash of Clans: If you have not yet played this epic game, then you, my friend, are sitting under a rock. It should definitely be on your must-try list. Clash of Clans is a strategic war game. Here you will be able to form your own clan. You can choose to be the clan leader as well. You can chat with the members of your clan. You will get different equipment to construct your own village. Your troop will include wizards, giants, witches, barbarians, king, and queen. You get to fight battles and wars with opponents. Here sit the download link

PUBG mobile: PUBG mobile is an extremely popular survival-based royal battle game. The interface looks extremely interesting. The jaw-dropping graphics add up to the attraction of the game. The highly adventurous game as different modes to play, for instance, deathmatch, classic match, arena, arcade, and so on. You can play as a part of a four-member squad, duo, or solo. The safe zone will keep on shrinking. You will have to remain inside the safe zone and be the last one to survive for winning the game. PUBG has been awarded the game of the year 2018. The audiovisuals are stunning. 

Candy Crush Saga: This is a hugely entertaining game. People of all ages love to play this game. The game is quite simple. You need to be quick-witted in order to win this game. There is wide number of stages and levels that you can play. All you need to do is to vanish the candies and earn scores. There are a wide variety of rewards available. The game is quite easy to play. But it gets quite difficult with each passing level.

8 Ball Pool: This game is a great way to pass your free time. The playground it offers is highly interactive. The experience almost imitates the real pool club feeing. You can play this game with your friends. It offers several exclusive rewards. The game also has an interactive coin system. There are challenge games as well as competitive rounds among players. The graphics are quite stunning. You can participate in a one on one or 8 players tournament. 

Angry Birds Classic:  This is not just a game. Rather it has become a brand. Gamers who have not played Angry Birds are hard to be found. The game gets quite addictive as you keep on passing the levels. The birds have special features. These birds will help you to free other caged birds. There are 15 challenging episodes in the game. Over 680 levels keep you engrossed. The best part is that this is an offline game. There are power-ups available to boost the power of your birds. The sound effects are quite funny and enjoyable. Graphics is also interesting.

Subway Surfer: Subway Surfers will refresh your mind after a long day of work. The game involves lots of jumping and dodging as the character flees police while skateboarding. There are different levels that will keep you amazed. You need to fulfill various missions in order to unlock rewards, boost your power, and change attire, and so on. There are multiple characters. You get to ride multiple rides such as hoverboard, jet rockets, normal skateboards, etc. The game also offers many weekly giveaways as well as daily rewards. The urban ambiance gives the game an uber-cool vibe.

Temple Run: This game is also popular across gamers of different age groups. In the game, you have to keep running and dodging the temple monster monkey. You have to keep on collecting the coins as they come on your road. The coins let you buy several power-ups. You can also unlock new characters. As you keep playing the game, your ability to respond quickly increases.

Need for Speed: It is an exciting car racing game. You can customize the cars according to your taste and preferences. The roads that you race upon are unlimited in number. It enables you to ride your dream car virtually. Models like BMW, Ferrari, and Porsche, etc. are available in the game. Here is the download link.

Try downloading these games, and you will never feel bored again.

Best Android Emulators for Windows PC

Android is getting extremely popular among smartphone users. The features and facilities it offers to the users have increased its demands manifolds. Users have been increasingly depending on several Android apps. Because of the increasing popularity of these apps, people are now trying to experience the Android world in their PCs. You must be wondering why someone would prefer to use Android on PCs when they can stick to portable, lightweight smartphones. Let us tell you why:

It enables you to play multiple games or run multiple apps at the same time: When you are using an Android emulator, you will be able to run multiple apps at the same time. It will allow you to chat on WhatsApp, play games, and watch a video all at the same time. Who does not love this multi-tasking?

It helps in extending the battery life of your expensive smartphone: Using your smartphone all the time can drain out its battery life. You can switch to your PC and enjoy the Android apps there using an emulator. This will prevent overheating of your phone or tablet. Its battery life will get extended. Also, you need not worry about charging your phone now and again. There will be a lesser strain on your smartphone.

It gives you a much-needed break from the small screen of your smartphone: You will be able to enjoy the Android apps on the bigger screen of your computer or laptop. You need not put a strain on your eyes by staying glued to the small screen of your smartphone. Also, you will just love the experience of using these apps and playing the games on the larger screen. Your gameplay will get much better with keyboards and mouse.

It allows you easy access to the Android apps on your PC: Android emulators provide easy access to the top-rated Android apps. You can run them on your PC. You might not be having eno0ugh storage on your phone. So you can run these apps on your PC without worrying about storage issues.

It allows testing of apps before submission for publishing: If you are an app developer, you must be knowing the importance of testing the apps. You can test the apps using Android emulators. 

By now, you must have made up your mind about using an Android emulator. But which one should you choose? There are a plethora of options available when it comes to android emulators. It might get quite confusing for you. So, to ease down your task, we have come up with a list of top Android emulators. You can rely on this list as we have done extensive research before finalizing the list. Here we go!

  1. Bliss OS: It is an Android emulator with a twist. Its function as an android emulator by utilizing a virtual machine. You can also run it on your computer using a USB stick. The option of boot from USB is meant for intense power-consuming uses. The process of installation of a virtual machine can get tedious. The USB installation process is complicated too. But once installed, Bliss OS performs smoothly. If you are able to install it, Bliss OS will give you a wonderful Android experience on your PC. Make sure your computer is compatible with this emulator. The android emulator runs on Android Oreo. 
  2. Android Studio’s Emulator: It acts as the default development console for Android. It has a bunch of tools that enable app developers to come up with new apps and games. It also contains a built-in emulator for the purpose of testing of apps and games. You may feel that the setup is quite messy and time-consuming. This emulator is not meant for general users. App developers can find this emulator extremely useful. Regular users will face many difficulties in using this android emulator. But app developers will benefit from this one.
  3. PrimeOS: It is one of the best Android emulators that you will come across. It is not an emulator in real terms. You need to install PrimeOS as a partition on your computer. It is especially meant for gamers. But it can be used for productive purposes as well. The emulator comes with a gaming center, keyboard, and mouse support. It provides easy access to most of the Android games and apps. It allows you to do multitasking, play games, watch videos, and so on. This emulator comes for free.
  4. MEmu: It is again one of the topmost android emulators available. Gamers seem to be highly satisfied with this emulator. It supports AMD as well as INTEL chipsets. The emulator supports KitKat, Android Jelly Bean, and Lollipop. Multiple games or apps can be run simultaneously using the android emulator. The target customer of this emulator is the gamers. 

If you want to download an android emulator, then select anyone from the above-mentioned list. Go to https://downloadroms.cc/  from where you will get the download links of each of the emulator mentioned above. Whether you are a casual user, an app developer, or a gamer, all your purpose will be solved.

Best LiveStreaming Apps for Streamers

With almost all the social media app allowing this feature, live streaming is getting immensely popular. It is highly trending nowadays. Users all over the world are going crazy over the idea of recording a video and sharing it with followers and friends in real-time. If you want to go live streaming, then all you need is a smartphone with a good camera and high-speed internet.

Livestreaming feature offers a sense of connection ad bonding. Celebrities, as well as companies, can build up genuine relationships based on great interactions. This feature improves your sales as well. You will be able to attract umpteen viewers and create engagement by broadcasting about your products and services.

If you’re streaming games then you should download streamlabs obs from Fileproto.

Live streaming can be immensely helpful if you want to enhance your business. You can showcase any and every genuine talent using live streaming. Whether you are a chef, photographer, gamer, globe trotter, this feature will definitely give a boost to your career.

Right now, there is an umpteen number of apps available that allow you to go live streaming. You can choose any one of them according to your choice, style, and profession. We have prepared a list of some of the best live streaming apps that you can use for broadcasting. Have a look:

Periscope: This app has an intuitive and super easy UX. People can use this app quite easily. The app comes for free. It is compatible with both Android and ios.

The app allows you to find other live streamers or broadcasters around you. It has a list of featured and trending streamers. You get to follow them and get new ideas. There are active share options available. So you can share your broadcasts with Twitter. You can allow your viewers to comment on your videos. It also allows you to activate the location information. Thus you will be able to find viewers who are located near you. This will help in building a better connection. Also, the app allows you to purchase super hearts and gift them to your favorite streamers. The app allows you to follow the people who are watching your broadcasts. You can hide the chats as well as a sketch while live streaming. The app also allows saving the broadcast for later use. Also, you can choose whether to share the broadcast with the public or just your friends.

Facebook live: Facebook has this amazing feature of going live. Earlier, only celebrities and companies had access to this feature. But now every Facebook user can go live. Users tend to upload videos in real-time as they attend an event or function while dining out in a restaurant while enjoying a live concert or while sightseeing. It is possible to watch the Facebook live stories in the official app as well as on the web.

You can share your live videos with your followers as well as your friends. Also, you can add attractive filters and texts while broadcasting. Users can easily switch between front and back cameras while live streaming.

Instagram live stories: The Instagram app had launched live stories feature back in the year 2016. But the feature came to the forefront recently. All you need to go live using this app is to swipe over to the right and then click on the “Live” option. You can comment or like the broadcasts of your favorite streamer. When a user starts a live video, Instagram will notify his friends and followers. You can also see a live tag on his story. The tag disappears as soon as his live streaming ends.

Livestream: This is one of the best live streaming apps available. Ios, as well as android users, can use this app. This app is meant for professional use. Generally, professionals tend to use high-end webcams and cameras with this app. You get a notification when the accounts you follow, go live. You can explore the trending topics in the section called Popular Area. You get to learn from other streamers as well as acquire ideas. All you need to do to disable the microphone is to tap the button. Switching between front and back camera is also quite easy.

Broadcast me: This is a free live streaming app suitable for android devices. It utilizes a multimedia server that provides support to real-time messaging protocol publishing. All these ensure the effortless functioning of the app. This app allows you to go live streaming on various social media platforms like YouTube, Twitter, and so on. To unlock the premium version, you have to pay a specific amount.

Stream Now: This app is again available for both ios and android devices. You can monetize your live streaming broadcasts using this app. This app does not come free of cost. You have to pay a session fee or monthly fee. The app also allows the commenting system. This leads to higher audience engagement. You can keep your audiences updated about the upcoming subjects of your broadcasts.

Do try any of these live-streaming apps and take your vlogging to the next level.

How to enjoy the cyber world safely with VPN, Proxy Servers and seedboxes?

These days we often notice ads popping every now and then, we get enticed and click them for availing the bait that they have offered us, but little do we understand that these baits are laid out by the hackers that manipulate our database and enter our territory without our permission.

We are often using the internet for downloading and surfing through ample games, music, videos, documents, and plenty more stuff. Well, while surfing, we unintentionally make our data prone to misuse by welcoming the malware or viruses that hit our system and often end up sucking our personal information.

Many a time we download an offensive or inappropriate content that knocks our doorstep in disguise. This hostile content can lead to the issues of copyright events.

Seedboxes: Seedboxes are remote servers that are utilized for uploading and downloading the digital files over a secure network that has high bandwidth. Seedboxes use P2P connections that have a speed range from 10Mbit/s to 10Gbit/s. This much speed can download a full bluray movie in less than 2 minutes. Isn’t that just amazing?

Seedbox offers higher convenience than using torrents due to high bandwidth. It also provides you to track the RSS feed by downloading the files and browsing then anonymously with a user-friendly interface.

With the use of a seedbox, you can reap the benefits of increased storage use, which beats the competition with many other security tools. I’d recommend SeedboxCo.net to buy highspeed seedbox servers.

Since insecure surfing can have malignant effects, it is pretty important to arrange a safe network that can shield your system and prevent breaching of the informational documents.

How can we surf safely?

The world is rapidly making online shifts of everything. Whatever service we use or provide is now available on the worldwide web, including our banking details. So, in this scenario, it has become exceedingly crucial to utilize the safety tools that can ensure the privacy of our data. So, here are some summarized pro tips that can aid you :

Use VPN for maintaining security: VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. It is a known and reliable security tool that works by deploying encrypted connections over unsecured networks like Wi-Fi that can be accessed by anyone and everyone. VPN uses a password to permit access to any outsider or newbie, thus keeping your data shielded. It functions as a security guard that does not let anyone in without a token or password set by the primary user.

Some of the common VPNs are Remote Access VPN and Site-to-site VPN.

Remote access VPN allows the user and a private network to connect and access the services remotely.

Site-to-Site VPN is standard in the corporate world that connects offices at different locations.

For site owners, we advise you to use security plugins which gives your visitors or client the secure experience, and save your website from hacking activities like WordPress redirections, etc.

Some other VPNs that you can utilize for secure networks are:

  • Nord VPN
  • Client-based VPNs
  • IPsec Tunnels
  • Dynamic multipoint VPN


Proxy is a server that redirects the browsing activity, which means that your online requests get rerouted. And on the route, it masks the real identity behind the IP address. Some of the best proxy servers that can come in your use could be Hide.me, Hidester, and Kproxy. The foremost feature that it is used in bypassing blocked websites that are restricted or offensive for a category of society. For example: in schools, the abusive content is kept blocked using Proxy servers.

When you access any website using the proxy network, the cache systems perform sits duty t its best, offering you the opportunity to store your desired data in their cache system.

There are different types of proxies, namely:

  • Forward proxy
  • Reverse proxy
  • Open proxy.

As mentioned earlier, the proxy server can block any unwanted or offensive website and can implement access controls like authentication and bandwidth restriction along with internet web filters hence offering you safe surfing experience.


Browsing and downloading has become an inseparable part of our life that is strung to each activity that we do in direct or indirect ways.

It has become a common phenomenon, but at the same time, it had put our data in significant threat of breaching.

So, to protect our informational data, it is advised to make use of secured networks like VPN, Seedbox, and Proxy.

5 Must-have softwares for Professional Gamers

People love to play games on their gaming PCs. Gamers, especially professional ones. Never leave a stone unturned, and try their best to assemble the best possible gaming PC.

They can go to any extent to hone up their skills and improve their gameplay. Just getting yourself a robust and expensive gaming PC is not enough.

To ensure that you enjoy a seamless gaming experience and improved gaming capabilities, you need to get hold of certain gaming software. These software will add up to your PC’s capabilities.

There is a wide variety of gaming software. You just need a few of them, and you are good to go. But if you do not have an idea which ones to choose, then do not worry. We have got you covered. We have prepared a detailed list of the leading gaming software that can be of great help to all the gamers. Going through the list will definitely clear your doubts and queries. Here we go!

Steam: If you are the proud owner of a brand new, dazzling gaming PC, you cannot ignore Steam. It provides you with a safe, secure, professional ecosystem. This is normally associated with the closed box consoles. It offers you a whole lot of varieties such as free to play games, full-blown triple-A titles, inexpensive Indies, and so on. The software allows you to launch these games directly from it on to your PC. It offers Big Picture mode so that you can enjoy your gaming experience from the comfort of your sofa. 

Razer Cortex: This software helps in the optimization of your gaming PC. It is kind of a gaming booster. This software will enhance the settings pf your PC and thereby improve your gaming experience. The software comes absolutely for free. It gives you ample room for extra improvement without much ado. If you have an old PC and want to make the best out of it, then try using this software. It will definitely improve the speed and output of the computer. If you want to use it for gaming purposes, feel free to do so. It will boost up the gaming PC, and thus, your games will not lag anymore. There will be fewer bugs and glitches.

LogMeIn Hamachi: This software enables you to enjoy multiplayer games over a secured virtual network. And all these come for absolutely free.  If you are thinking of organizing secure meetings or record multiple contributors to a gaming session, then you must be needing a robust virtual private network or VPN. This software allows you to establish a highly secured network between multiple computers. You can perform anything using the software, for instance, playing private games, utilizing secured P2P protocol, and so on. It has a straightforward user interface. An amateur will never get the feel of a noob when he uses this software.

MSI afterburner: This is perhaps the best overclocking tool that helps in getting better performance out of the GPU. This software has made life easier for the NVidia and AMD owners. You can definitely try this free optimization software for your new gaming PC. You can download it from the official site at http://msiafterburnerdownload.com/.

It will eventually unlock the internal potential of the GPU of your PC. Its function is to enable you to improve and enhance the overall performance of the gaming PC.

Its features, like clock speed and video memory, makes the software all the more unique. But you need to be extra careful while using the software. Excessive usage can really heat up your gaming PC. Therefore, keep checking if the cooling unit of your PC is working or not.

OBS Studio:  This is one of the best software for high-quality recording and lives to stream video. If you are a professional gamer and want to show off your gaming skills to the rest of the world and monetize your broadcasts, then try using this wonderful software called OBS studio. It is designed so as to offer customizable free service. It allows you to stream to your own server or on a variety of other portals. 

It is quite convenient to set up OBS Studio. If you are new to this world of streaming, then too, OBS Studio will help you out. It also allows you to adjust your webcam footage and graphics for adding an element of professionalism. OBS Studio lets you broadcast in HDS quality. Your pristine video will look all the more attractive and garner more attention from your followers.

Now that you know about some of the top gaming software, you need to download them in order to ensure a smooth and hassle-free as well as improved gaming experience.

Best iOS Emulators for Windows PC

Do you want to experience ios world in your PC? Don’t you have ios devices but want to enjoy the features and facilities provided by the ios system? Are you an app developer and want to test your apps before submission? If any of your answers is in affirmative, then you need an effective ios emulator.

An ios emulator is basically a type of software that allows creating an ios ecosystem in your PC. If you want to run ios apps on your PC, you need one such emulator that helps in the formation of ios ecosystem in your PC. You will be able to enjoy different types of ios apps and games on your Windows PC. The best part is that you need not spend your fortune on buying an ios device. Ios emulators have made it really easy to experience ios world within your budget.

Why should you use an ios emulator?

  1. It makes testing of apps possible: If you are an app developer, then you should definitely use an ios emulator. These emulators make it possible to test the ios apps on a PC before submission. With these emulators, the app developers can test cross-platform apps on their Windows PC.
  2. It enhances the gaming experience: An ios emulator is capable of boosting your gaming experience. If you are a gamer and love to play ios games, you must definitely download an ios emulator. It will improve your gameplay. There will be lesser glitches and lags in your games.
  3. It helps in running ios apps on your PC: You can experience the ios ecosystem by running ios apps on your PC using these emulators.
  4. It is cost-effective: You need not invest your hard-earned money in an ios device. If you want to experience the benefits of ios devices, then downloading an ios emulator for your PC can serve your purpose. Thus you can save a lot of money just by downloading a good ios emulator.

If you are looking for an effective ios emulator, then you must be knowing the fact that the ios emulators are lesser in number as compared to their android counterparts. It can be a herculean task to choose the right ios emulator for your PC. We have curated a list of some of the leading ios emulators available. Why not go through the list once? Maybe you get some help out of it.  Have a look:

  1. Appetize.io: The name of the software is so unique that you will not realize that this is an ios emulator. Once you download it, all your doubts will vanish. It is an extremely good ios emulator. It allows users to run several ios apps on their PC. App developers can develop cross-platform apps on the cloud using this emulator. You will get a trial period of 100 hours. You can explore all its features and facilities during this 100 hours and then proceed further if it caters to your needs and preferences.

It works using HTML5 and JavaScript. It also helps developers in the testing of apps. It allows you to have the ios interface in your current Operating System. Ios app store, as well as iTunes, will be available on your PC.

  • AIR iPhone: This ios emulator is quite impressive. This emulator is based on the Adobe AIR framework. The entire installation process is smooth and hassle-free. You can also use the emulator conveniently without any interruption. The user interface of this emulator is similar to that of ios 6. This emulator is helpful for gamers as well as for casual users. Also, it allows app developers to test the layout before finally compiling an application. It has got a simple and intuitive user interface, which makes it all the more demanding. It is capable of reproducing the iPhone’s GUI.
  • Electric mobile studio: This is a professional level ios emulator. It is highly used by professionals. Electric mobile studio alters to the needs of the iPhone as well as iPad web development. The app offers you a free trial version. But once that free trial is over, you need to purchase it for $40. The price is worth paying because it is a top-notch emulator that serves as a one-stop-solution. So if you are a professional and want something more than an ios emulator, then Electric Mobile Studio is worth the shot.
  • IMame: This emulator is largely focussed on the gaming experience. It is widely popular among gamers. Those who want to play ios exclusive games on their PCS, this emulator will surely help them. The software does not hog on resources. It runs smoothly, without any hassle or interruption. It has more features that cater to the needs and requirements of gamers. It will enable you to play almost all types of ios games that you want to play.

Hope you find this article helpful while choosing an ios emulator.

Best Upcoming iOS Games for May 2020

Ios games always hold a special place in the hearts of gamers. They are just in love with the outstanding graphics, the audio quality, lack of glitches and bugs, and so much perfection. There are so many ios games available. The ongoing pandemic has increased the gaming habit all of a sudden. Locked inside the home to stay safe, people prefer to play games to while away time. Professional as well as casual gamers are spending more and more time glued to their screen playing games.

iOS lovers are eagerly waiting for some of the upcoming ios games. Developers will be launching so many ios based games. But some are really going to be extremely awesome and interesting. We have come up with a list of upcoming ios games that will surely create ripples in the gaming industry. Let’s have a look at all these games and discover what is so special about them:

Game of Thrones: Beyond the Wall – Who does not know about this immensely popular web series game of thrones? Because of the extreme popularity of the series, this game has come to the forefront. In the game, you need to take over the castle of the Night watch.

The game is a type of mobile RPG. Collaboration has taken place between HBO and GAEA and Behaviour interactive studios. There is no continuous character in the game. Players need to take control of the hero team and participate in turn-based battles. With the unlocking of levels, you will get access to many more characters. Each of these characters has unique abilities. Team fights, as well as PVP mode, is also there in the game.

Alaskan Truck Simulator – This game is quite unusual. It is not like any other simulating game. Along with simulation, it has elements of survival too. The Discovery channel itself has licensed this game. Movie Games Studio has developed this unique game.

All the action of the game takes place in the northernmost state of the USA. The gameplay is no just limited to driving. Situations cone when you have to leave the car and fight on foot for surviving in the game. You will be equipped with different tools and equipment, such as firearms. This is a play-alone game. The 3D graphics have added to its attraction.

Mad World – This is a 2D MMORPG game. It takes you to the post-apocalyptic world. The game is using the F2P model. The isometric view is garnering lots of attention from gamers. Jandisoft has developed this highly interesting game.

As the world gets devastated after a huge disaster, dark monsters come together to bring an end to human civilization. You get to play as the hero, who, along with other heroes, need to save the world from these monsters. There is no class system in the Mad World. You can create your character as per your wish. You can have powers and abilities and use them to fight the monsters. It is an online multiplayer mode.

Project CARS GO – This game features a wide array of racing cars, tracks, gaming modes and is a dream come true for the car racing lovers. It is a3D based racing game. The cars are realistically rendered. Developers have acquired the licenses to use the models in the game. Gamevil has developed this astounding racing game. It is a multiplayer racing game. Not many details have been shared by the developers. But racers are already waiting eagerly for this game.

Taern: Broken Ranks – This game is going to be the continuation of the browser-based game Pride of Taern. Whitemoon studio is going to launch this game. The game is set against the backdrop of a kingdom called Taern. This is a world of dark fantasy. It revolves around the history and culture of Slavic mythology. The focus is on the non-linear characters of the plot. It is a type of RPG games. Isometric projection is used for enhancing the gameplay.  The game comprises of over 300 different locations. There are several NPCs and monsters too. The developers have developed the game on a 3D engine. The audio quality is quite amazing.

So all the gamers out there, keep your fingers crossed, and hope for these games to be launched as soon as possible. They will indeed help us to have lots of fun.

Download Gacha Life
 for Mac and PC

All the game lovers out there, get ready to get your hands on one of the most stunning games ‘Gacha Life’. A Japanese game, Gacha Life which was introduced in the year 2018 is present in both Android and IOS platforms. The name of the game ‘Gacha’ is a Japanese word, which means ‘Toy Machine.’

One of the special features of the game is that anyone and everyone across the globe can play it, as there are no restrictions at all. The game allows the users to interact with each other, chat with each other, and build bonds with people who are not from your country.

Gacha Life is that one game that was missing in your life, and with this game, your life seems to complete now. You would just be stunned by seeing the number of benefits this game can provide to you. Now you can open up and cherish your competitive skills by challenging the other people; it is time to show off.

Moreover, one can put on their creative caps as they have access to create their scenarios and characters by dressing up like the way you have dreamt of dressing up.

 The game also provides a plethora of accessories such as dresses, shirts, skits, hats, jeans, bags, etc. Apart from these accessories, the game is also seen loaded up with various weapons and a collection of various other things to give your character a customized look. It is basically is a short version of Snapchat, which allows the users to play along with the filters.

All you have to do is represent yourself in the best possible manner in the game by chatting with the other players and make new friends across the globe.

We, as individuals of the current era, do not understand the meaning of idle time. All the lives we have been running in this rat race and being so busy in this hustle-bustle that we have forgotten how to take rest.

People have been looking out for ways to keep themselves occupied and indulge in some form of activity. All they do is watching some videos and feel lazy and unsatisfied the entire day.

However, now is the time for you to say goodbye to such things and get your hands on something interesting.

What can be better than trying out Gacha life, which is one of the very interesting games? Now is the time to download Gacha life and get all excited. This is the game that you need right now to keep your mind fresh and active.

This is one game that will keep you so active and entertain you throughout. With its assistance, you can even network with dozens of people from across the globe. This quarantine for you will be all about networking with people from different sectors of life. Sounds Interesting, right?

Now is the time that you can compete with people around you and challenge them. Apart from that, this game also allows you to create different scenarios and characters as per all your choices. Let the creativity flow in the room, and you create a dreamy character for yourself. You have access to create the unique scenarios by just entering the Gacha studio. This is also a platform for you to tell your life experiences and stories to all the people out there just through your Gacha character. The game allows you to choose from a huge variety of backgrounds available. One can even customize the text, and choose from hundreds of personality options given to experience the best.

Basically, the character you make will be a reflection of your own personality, so be careful in what you make and be as creative as you can to showcase yourself in the best possible manner. Make your Gacha character a different one so that you stand out from the crowd. The game comes up with dozens and dozens of features, such as providing a smooth experience, giving access to many accessories. Overall, it provides a very adventurous time for the players. It expects the players to be on their toes throughout and helps in keeping the mind all active and alert. The game, due to its unique features and easy playing, is trending all over and is liked by the masses. This is why the game has touched the mark of 10 million downloads in no tie. Currently, the game has a massive user base, and this makes it even more interesting to compete with people on a larger scale. The smoothness of the game attracts people to itself. Once you get your hands on Gacha Life, there is no looking back.

How to Run Gacha life on PC?

The best part is that Gacha life can run very easily on both Windows and MAC operating systems by just following a few very basic steps:

1. Firstly, the player needs to download Bluestacks on the PC from the official website.
2. Once the Bluestacks has been downloaded, one needs to install it in the PC.
3. Next is to open Bluestacks and click on the search ‘Button.’
4. Then the player needs to search for ‘Gacha Life’ and click on the Install button. This will start the installation of the game Gacha Life on the PC.
5. The next is to wait for the installation to finish and enjoy!

This game requires some sort of specifications that need to be fulfilled to play the game. One does not require a high-end computer for the same or a typical compute, or a gaming one; a simple PC or a laptop also works. It is because Gacha life is a very small-sized game that is easily accessed in almost all computers. However, there are a few minimum requirements which one must have in their computer for a smoother experience:

A: This game is super compatible with- Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, etc.
B: The minimum desk space: 200 MB
C: The minimum required RAM: 512 MB
D: A minimum required of Adobe Air

If your computer has all of these specifications, then you can easily play the game smoothly. There is nothing which can hold you back if you have all the above-mentioned requirements in your PC. Be all ready to play the game and enter the world of adventure by creating unique characters.

Core features of Gacha Life:

1. Mounts: One can easily put these characters on different objects such as cars, horses, etc.
2. Characters: One gets to try his or her hand on a total of ten characters in a single slot where one can get access to 50+ character slots. Hence, the game provides an immense variety.
3. Battle mode: The game acts as a battle where one can compete with each other. People are playing from across all walks of life.
4. Pets: The game also gives access to changing the color of the pets and also allows them to talk.
5. Hands: One can try and play with a plethora of hand gestures.
6. Customization: One of the best features of the game is customization, where one can easily change slots, clothes, equipment. One can also equip himself or herself with a variety of accessories such as hats, shoes, bags, weapons, etc.

The game, no doubt, is a very interesting one and comes up with massive features. You can now play this exciting game on your PC on a full screen and enjoy it.

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