Android is getting extremely popular among smartphone users. The features and facilities it offers to the users have increased its demands manifolds. Users have been increasingly depending on several Android apps. Because of the increasing popularity of these apps, people are now trying to experience the Android world in their PCs. You must be wondering why someone would prefer to use Android on PCs when they can stick to portable, lightweight smartphones. Let us tell you why:

It enables you to play multiple games or run multiple apps at the same time: When you are using an Android emulator, you will be able to run multiple apps at the same time. It will allow you to chat on WhatsApp, play games, and watch a video all at the same time. Who does not love this multi-tasking?

It helps in extending the battery life of your expensive smartphone: Using your smartphone all the time can drain out its battery life. You can switch to your PC and enjoy the Android apps there using an emulator. This will prevent overheating of your phone or tablet. Its battery life will get extended. Also, you need not worry about charging your phone now and again. There will be a lesser strain on your smartphone.

It gives you a much-needed break from the small screen of your smartphone: You will be able to enjoy the Android apps on the bigger screen of your computer or laptop. You need not put a strain on your eyes by staying glued to the small screen of your smartphone. Also, you will just love the experience of using these apps and playing the games on the larger screen. Your gameplay will get much better with keyboards and mouse.

It allows you easy access to the Android apps on your PC: Android emulators provide easy access to the top-rated Android apps. You can run them on your PC. You might not be having eno0ugh storage on your phone. So you can run these apps on your PC without worrying about storage issues.

It allows testing of apps before submission for publishing: If you are an app developer, you must be knowing the importance of testing the apps. You can test the apps using Android emulators. 

By now, you must have made up your mind about using an Android emulator. But which one should you choose? There are a plethora of options available when it comes to android emulators. It might get quite confusing for you. So, to ease down your task, we have come up with a list of top Android emulators. You can rely on this list as we have done extensive research before finalizing the list. Here we go!

  1. Bliss OS: It is an Android emulator with a twist. Its function as an android emulator by utilizing a virtual machine. You can also run it on your computer using a USB stick. The option of boot from USB is meant for intense power-consuming uses. The process of installation of a virtual machine can get tedious. The USB installation process is complicated too. But once installed, Bliss OS performs smoothly. If you are able to install it, Bliss OS will give you a wonderful Android experience on your PC. Make sure your computer is compatible with this emulator. The android emulator runs on Android Oreo. 
  2. Android Studio’s Emulator: It acts as the default development console for Android. It has a bunch of tools that enable app developers to come up with new apps and games. It also contains a built-in emulator for the purpose of testing of apps and games. You may feel that the setup is quite messy and time-consuming. This emulator is not meant for general users. App developers can find this emulator extremely useful. Regular users will face many difficulties in using this android emulator. But app developers will benefit from this one.
  3. PrimeOS: It is one of the best Android emulators that you will come across. It is not an emulator in real terms. You need to install PrimeOS as a partition on your computer. It is especially meant for gamers. But it can be used for productive purposes as well. The emulator comes with a gaming center, keyboard, and mouse support. It provides easy access to most of the Android games and apps. It allows you to do multitasking, play games, watch videos, and so on. This emulator comes for free.
  4. MEmu: It is again one of the topmost android emulators available. Gamers seem to be highly satisfied with this emulator. It supports AMD as well as INTEL chipsets. The emulator supports KitKat, Android Jelly Bean, and Lollipop. Multiple games or apps can be run simultaneously using the android emulator. The target customer of this emulator is the gamers. 

If you want to download an android emulator, then select anyone from the above-mentioned list. Whether you are a casual user, an app developer, or a gamer, all your purpose will be solved.