Do you want to experience ios world in your PC? Don’t you have ios devices but want to enjoy the features and facilities provided by the ios system? Are you an app developer and want to test your apps before submission? If any of your answers is in affirmative, then you need an effective ios emulator.

An ios emulator is basically a type of software that allows creating an ios ecosystem in your PC. If you want to run ios apps on your PC, you need one such emulator that helps in the formation of ios ecosystem in your PC. You will be able to enjoy different types of ios apps and games on your Windows PC. The best part is that you need not spend your fortune on buying an ios device. Ios emulators have made it really easy to experience ios world within your budget.

Why should you use an ios emulator?

  1. It makes testing of apps possible: If you are an app developer, then you should definitely use an ios emulator. These emulators make it possible to test the ios apps on a PC before submission. With these emulators, the app developers can test cross-platform apps on their Windows PC.
  2. It enhances the gaming experience: An ios emulator is capable of boosting your gaming experience. If you are a gamer and love to play ios games, you must definitely download an ios emulator. It will improve your gameplay. There will be lesser glitches and lags in your games.
  3. It helps in running ios apps on your PC: You can experience the ios ecosystem by running ios apps on your PC using these emulators.
  4. It is cost-effective: You need not invest your hard-earned money in an ios device. If you want to experience the benefits of ios devices, then downloading an ios emulator for your PC can serve your purpose. Thus you can save a lot of money just by downloading a good ios emulator.

If you are looking for an effective ios emulator, then you must be knowing the fact that the ios emulators are lesser in number as compared to their android counterparts. It can be a herculean task to choose the right ios emulator for your PC. We have curated a list of some of the leading ios emulators available. Why not go through the list once? Maybe you get some help out of it.  Have a look:

  1. The name of the software is so unique that you will not realize that this is an ios emulator. Once you download it, all your doubts will vanish. It is an extremely good ios emulator. It allows users to run several ios apps on their PC. App developers can develop cross-platform apps on the cloud using this emulator. You will get a trial period of 100 hours. You can explore all its features and facilities during this 100 hours and then proceed further if it caters to your needs and preferences.

It works using HTML5 and JavaScript. It also helps developers in the testing of apps. It allows you to have the ios interface in your current Operating System. Ios app store, as well as iTunes, will be available on your PC.

  • AIR iPhone: This ios emulator is quite impressive. This emulator is based on the Adobe AIR framework. The entire installation process is smooth and hassle-free. You can also use the emulator conveniently without any interruption. The user interface of this emulator is similar to that of ios 6. This emulator is helpful for gamers as well as for casual users. Also, it allows app developers to test the layout before finally compiling an application. It has got a simple and intuitive user interface, which makes it all the more demanding. It is capable of reproducing the iPhone’s GUI.
  • Electric mobile studio: This is a professional level ios emulator. It is highly used by professionals. Electric mobile studio alters to the needs of the iPhone as well as iPad web development. The app offers you a free trial version. But once that free trial is over, you need to purchase it for $40. The price is worth paying because it is a top-notch emulator that serves as a one-stop-solution. So if you are a professional and want something more than an ios emulator, then Electric Mobile Studio is worth the shot.
  • IMame: This emulator is largely focussed on the gaming experience. It is widely popular among gamers. Those who want to play ios exclusive games on their PCS, this emulator will surely help them. The software does not hog on resources. It runs smoothly, without any hassle or interruption. It has more features that cater to the needs and requirements of gamers. It will enable you to play almost all types of ios games that you want to play.

Hope you find this article helpful while choosing an ios emulator.