With almost all the social media app allowing this feature, live streaming is getting immensely popular. It is highly trending nowadays. Users all over the world are going crazy over the idea of recording a video and sharing it with followers and friends in real-time. If you want to go live streaming, then all you need is a smartphone with a good camera and high-speed internet.

Livestreaming feature offers a sense of connection ad bonding. Celebrities, as well as companies, can build up genuine relationships based on great interactions. This feature improves your sales as well. You will be able to attract umpteen viewers and create engagement by broadcasting about your products and services.

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Live streaming can be immensely helpful if you want to enhance your business. You can showcase any and every genuine talent using live streaming. Whether you are a chef, photographer, gamer, globe trotter, this feature will definitely give a boost to your career.

Right now, there is an umpteen number of apps available that allow you to go live streaming. You can choose any one of them according to your choice, style, and profession. We have prepared a list of some of the best live streaming apps that you can use for broadcasting. Have a look:

Periscope: This app has an intuitive and super easy UX. People can use this app quite easily. The app comes for free. It is compatible with both Android and ios.

The app allows you to find other live streamers or broadcasters around you. It has a list of featured and trending streamers. You get to follow them and get new ideas. There are active share options available. So you can share your broadcasts with Twitter. You can allow your viewers to comment on your videos. It also allows you to activate the location information. Thus you will be able to find viewers who are located near you. This will help in building a better connection. Also, the app allows you to purchase super hearts and gift them to your favorite streamers. The app allows you to follow the people who are watching your broadcasts. You can hide the chats as well as a sketch while live streaming. The app also allows saving the broadcast for later use. Also, you can choose whether to share the broadcast with the public or just your friends.

Facebook live: Facebook has this amazing feature of going live. Earlier, only celebrities and companies had access to this feature. But now every Facebook user can go live. Users tend to upload videos in real-time as they attend an event or function while dining out in a restaurant while enjoying a live concert or while sightseeing. It is possible to watch the Facebook live stories in the official app as well as on the web.

You can share your live videos with your followers as well as your friends. Also, you can add attractive filters and texts while broadcasting. Users can easily switch between front and back cameras while live streaming.

Instagram live stories: The Instagram app had launched live stories feature back in the year 2016. But the feature came to the forefront recently. All you need to go live using this app is to swipe over to the right and then click on the “Live” option. You can comment or like the broadcasts of your favorite streamer. When a user starts a live video, Instagram will notify his friends and followers. You can also see a live tag on his story. The tag disappears as soon as his live streaming ends.

Livestream: This is one of the best live streaming apps available. Ios, as well as android users, can use this app. This app is meant for professional use. Generally, professionals tend to use high-end webcams and cameras with this app. You get a notification when the accounts you follow, go live. You can explore the trending topics in the section called Popular Area. You get to learn from other streamers as well as acquire ideas. All you need to do to disable the microphone is to tap the button. Switching between front and back camera is also quite easy.

Broadcast me: This is a free live streaming app suitable for android devices. It utilizes a multimedia server that provides support to real-time messaging protocol publishing. All these ensure the effortless functioning of the app. This app allows you to go live streaming on various social media platforms like YouTube, Twitter, and so on. To unlock the premium version, you have to pay a specific amount.

Stream Now: This app is again available for both ios and android devices. You can monetize your live streaming broadcasts using this app. This app does not come free of cost. You have to pay a session fee or monthly fee. The app also allows the commenting system. This leads to higher audience engagement. You can keep your audiences updated about the upcoming subjects of your broadcasts.

Do try any of these live-streaming apps and take your vlogging to the next level.