Ios games always hold a special place in the hearts of gamers. They are just in love with the outstanding graphics, the audio quality, lack of glitches and bugs, and so much perfection. There are so many ios games available. The ongoing pandemic has increased the gaming habit all of a sudden. Locked inside the home to stay safe, people prefer to play games to while away time. Professional as well as casual gamers are spending more and more time glued to their screen playing games.

iOS lovers are eagerly waiting for some of the upcoming ios games. Developers will be launching so many ios based games. But some are really going to be extremely awesome and interesting. We have come up with a list of upcoming ios games that will surely create ripples in the gaming industry. Let’s have a look at all these games and discover what is so special about them:

Game of Thrones: Beyond the Wall – Who does not know about this immensely popular web series game of thrones? Because of the extreme popularity of the series, this game has come to the forefront. In the game, you need to take over the castle of the Night watch.

The game is a type of mobile RPG. Collaboration has taken place between HBO and GAEA and Behaviour interactive studios. There is no continuous character in the game. Players need to take control of the hero team and participate in turn-based battles. With the unlocking of levels, you will get access to many more characters. Each of these characters has unique abilities. Team fights, as well as PVP mode, is also there in the game.

Alaskan Truck Simulator – This game is quite unusual. It is not like any other simulating game. Along with simulation, it has elements of survival too. The Discovery channel itself has licensed this game. Movie Games Studio has developed this unique game.

All the action of the game takes place in the northernmost state of the USA. The gameplay is no just limited to driving. Situations cone when you have to leave the car and fight on foot for surviving in the game. You will be equipped with different tools and equipment, such as firearms. This is a play-alone game. The 3D graphics have added to its attraction.

Mad World – This is a 2D MMORPG game. It takes you to the post-apocalyptic world. The game is using the F2P model. The isometric view is garnering lots of attention from gamers. Jandisoft has developed this highly interesting game.

As the world gets devastated after a huge disaster, dark monsters come together to bring an end to human civilization. You get to play as the hero, who, along with other heroes, need to save the world from these monsters. There is no class system in the Mad World. You can create your character as per your wish. You can have powers and abilities and use them to fight the monsters. It is an online multiplayer mode.

Project CARS GO – This game features a wide array of racing cars, tracks, gaming modes and is a dream come true for the car racing lovers. It is a3D based racing game. The cars are realistically rendered. Developers have acquired the licenses to use the models in the game. Gamevil has developed this astounding racing game. It is a multiplayer racing game. Not many details have been shared by the developers. But racers are already waiting eagerly for this game.

Taern: Broken Ranks – This game is going to be the continuation of the browser-based game Pride of Taern. Whitemoon studio is going to launch this game. The game is set against the backdrop of a kingdom called Taern. This is a world of dark fantasy. It revolves around the history and culture of Slavic mythology. The focus is on the non-linear characters of the plot. It is a type of RPG games. Isometric projection is used for enhancing the gameplay.  The game comprises of over 300 different locations. There are several NPCs and monsters too. The developers have developed the game on a 3D engine. The audio quality is quite amazing.

So all the gamers out there, keep your fingers crossed, and hope for these games to be launched as soon as possible. They will indeed help us to have lots of fun.