These days we often notice ads popping every now and then, we get enticed and click them for availing the bait that they have offered us, but little do we understand that these baits are laid out by the hackers that manipulate our database and enter our territory without our permission.

We are often using the internet for downloading and surfing through ample games, music, videos, documents, and plenty more stuff. Well, while surfing, we unintentionally make our data prone to misuse by welcoming the malware or viruses that hit our system and often end up sucking our personal information.

Many a time we download an offensive or inappropriate content that knocks our doorstep in disguise. This hostile content can lead to the issues of copyright events.

Seedboxes: Seedboxes are remote servers that are utilized for uploading and downloading the digital files over a secure network that has high bandwidth. Seedboxes use P2P connections that have a speed range from 10Mbit/s to 10Gbit/s. This much speed can download a full bluray movie in less than 2 minutes. Isn’t that just amazing?

Seedbox offers higher convenience than using torrents due to high bandwidth. It also provides you to track the RSS feed by downloading the files and browsing then anonymously with a user-friendly interface.

With the use of a seedbox, you can reap the benefits of increased storage use, which beats the competition with many other security tools. I’d recommend to buy highspeed seedbox servers.

Since insecure surfing can have malignant effects, it is pretty important to arrange a safe network that can shield your system and prevent breaching of the informational documents.

How can we surf safely?

The world is rapidly making online shifts of everything. Whatever service we use or provide is now available on the worldwide web, including our banking details. So, in this scenario, it has become exceedingly crucial to utilize the safety tools that can ensure the privacy of our data. So, here are some summarized pro tips that can aid you :

Use VPN for maintaining security: VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. It is a known and reliable security tool that works by deploying encrypted connections over unsecured networks like Wi-Fi that can be accessed by anyone and everyone. VPN uses a password to permit access to any outsider or newbie, thus keeping your data shielded. It functions as a security guard that does not let anyone in without a token or password set by the primary user.

Some of the common VPNs are Remote Access VPN and Site-to-site VPN.

Remote access VPN allows the user and a private network to connect and access the services remotely.

Site-to-Site VPN is standard in the corporate world that connects offices at different locations.

For site owners, we advise you to use security plugins which gives your visitors or client the secure experience, and save your website from hacking activities like WordPress redirections, etc.

Some other VPNs that you can utilize for secure networks are:

  • Nord VPN
  • Client-based VPNs
  • IPsec Tunnels
  • Dynamic multipoint VPN


Proxy is a server that redirects the browsing activity, which means that your online requests get rerouted. And on the route, it masks the real identity behind the IP address. Some of the best proxy servers that can come in your use could be, Hidester, and Kproxy. The foremost feature that it is used in bypassing blocked websites that are restricted or offensive for a category of society. For example: in schools, the abusive content is kept blocked using Proxy servers.

When you access any website using the proxy network, the cache systems perform sits duty t its best, offering you the opportunity to store your desired data in their cache system.

There are different types of proxies, namely:

  • Forward proxy
  • Reverse proxy
  • Open proxy.

As mentioned earlier, the proxy server can block any unwanted or offensive website and can implement access controls like authentication and bandwidth restriction along with internet web filters hence offering you safe surfing experience.


Browsing and downloading has become an inseparable part of our life that is strung to each activity that we do in direct or indirect ways.

It has become a common phenomenon, but at the same time, it had put our data in significant threat of breaching.

So, to protect our informational data, it is advised to make use of secured networks like VPN, Seedbox, and Proxy.