The new generation demands more fascinating innovations to advance and improve the level of music. And What if you get a superb upgrade on your previously subscribed audio software for free? It Sounds critical, right. But trust me, now you can generate more amazing soundtracks with Logic Pro X, which is Apple’s latest upgrade to Logic, which is an impressive user-friendly audio producing and editing software. Already Logic’s previous versions have great beginning features, but this X version brakes all the existing music software records.

Logic pro x comes to the market after a long time from the release of Pro 9. The most astonishing thing is its price, which is not upgraded with features, which means existing users will get a huge advantage of producing mind-blowing music with no extra cost. Logic pro x gives a tight competition to Garageband which is a more simpler version. Although if you are looking for something which is more advanced then Logic pro x is best bet to go for.

It has lots of new features that we will discuss one by one, and here you will know the complete review of All-New Apple’s Logic Pro X. So, let’s dive right in.


Before going into the comprehensive review of upgraded specs of Logic Pro X, let’s know some stunning features of it;

  • Free version available with no subscription plan.
  • Relocalization of the sound library to external storage available.
  • For defining project tempo, it imported multitrack stems.
  • Mixer enhancement for headphones mixes configuration.
  • Comes with a colorful, eye-catching all-new interface
  • Without a metronome, the tempo of MIDI performances can be analyzed by a smart tempo.
  • With three powerful step sequencers and an X/Y pad, rhythmic multi-effect processing can be added.

The minimum system requirement is macOS 10.14.6 or later; For minimum installation, 6GB of storage space or storage space of 72GB for full Sound Library installation.

Complete Review on Logic Pro X

Here is the elaborate review of the new features of Logic Pro X 10.4. Besides the following specs, there are lots more, and everything is not possible to describe in a single article. Let’s begin with the review of live loops, sampling, Remix FX, step sequencer, effects and mixing, and drums and controls.

Live Loops

The live loop is the plus point in the logic studio. A small nine-dot grid icon shows the way towards live loops in its main interface. Garageband’s ios version also contains the live loop option, so who used this before can better understand what a live loop is. And this is called live as you can listen to real-time tracks in the form of short beats or melodic vignettes and easily customize them to produce your best record.

You can create tracks by merely dragging and dropping into the right side workspace. Furthermore, there are several numbers of columns present at the bottom line called scenes where you can listen to all the tracks at the same time in that column.

You can adjust loops easily by adding or removing whenever you want with the tempo syncing feature. That means whatever tracks you add; they will be synced automatically.

Besides, these Loops provide another feature of combining tracks with instruments, and you can easily convert an acoustic form of device to distorted form.


The logic studio’s sampler plug-in is another jaw-dropping feature that allows you to customize your tracks with a large number of core workstation-style sample sets, including pianos and guitars and other instruments.

You can edit and innovate sampler instruments with the zone waveform window. Its ease of use improves with the drag, and drop fashion where you can map samples, select with filter sections, preserving samples with flex time support.

Remix Fx and Step Sequencer

The remix effects plug-in allows you to perform transitions, stutter edits, gates, virtual record scratching, and much more. Remix FX comes with beautiful colors and designs and lacks the lagging issues.

The Step Sequencer is another astonishing feature here, which delivers the previous, mediocre Step Editor. With various melodies and 150 built-in rhythms, Step sequencer attracts drum machines and synths.

Effects and Mixing

From the beginning, the logic studio remained constant with its on-screen faders and metering option. It has lots of amazing effects and mixings, which serve as the taste in food and decorate your track surprisingly.

You can switch between toggle, pre or post-fader modes, smoothly. Except for the visual level, the meters and channel strips remain smaller as compared to other DAWs, the effects and mixing option makes the logic pro x unbelievable.

Drums and controls

Four modes of sounds such as Kicks, Snares and Claps, Percussion, and Hats and Cymbals can be generated using a simple add-on that is drum synth, which is further classified as other synthesized sounds.

The drum machine designer is improved from the older version of Logic and assists you in making sophisticated soundtracks as a music producer, which again comes with lots of control options.

Pros and cons

Before investing money in any software or products, you should know the Pros and cons of it for better consideration.


  • Sampler plug-in and Live loops are plus in this helpful for Ableton Live and Kontakt.
  • Having 19 instruments and 57 types of effects.
  • Eye-catching design.
  • Mixing, automation, and effects are simple to apply.


  • Only for mac users.
  • Effect configuration is sometimes complicated.
  • If you are new to Logic, it may seem costly for you.


In the digital audio workstation (DAW) market, Logic Pro X wins the heart of lots of music producers and beats all other competitors due to its all-new Jaw-dropping specializations. All those incredible features like regular Tracks View, hosting multiple tempo-synced audios (also from different sources), or MIDI loops on each track and lots more make it just perfect for all the beginners or professional music developers.